Our Mission

Making a difference every day through ethical, inclusive management, and empowering local partnerships. Our plan builds the largest Colombian exporter of cannabinoid isolates at the lowest possible production cost. Starting with CBD, CBG and CBN.

Our Vision Down Arrow

Our Vision


Produce the highest-quality cannabinoid isolates at the lowest cost of operation.

Nariño’s unique equatorial location, allows our cost of operation to be 15% of North America and Canada. As a commodity product, CBD/CBG/CBN isolate requires scale and low-cost operation for successful long term stability. The Cloris plan has all these elements in Nariño.


Export high grade Cannabinoid Isolates

We plan to produce and export GMP grade cannabinoid isolates to meet rising global demand. Colombia represents an early mover opportunity as it is currently one of the only countries with a legal framework covering CBD/CBG/CBN isolate permitting international export.


Local partnerships build scalability sustainability

Our unique agreement with ECOMUN gives Cloris un-matchable scalability and sustainability. From our planned central processing facility, we have the capacity to produce 500Kg of highest quality cannabinoid isolate per week, 52 weeks per year. With the benefit of our agreement with ECOMUN allows for an increase of approximately 300% in production during the first 12 months of commercial operations. Further expansion possible during each 12-month period as required.

Why Cloris is Different Down Arrow

Why Cloris is Different...


CBD Isolate

Isolates represent the most ubiquitous form of cannabinoid extracts that has approved export markets to the USA, Europe and Asia.


Seed Genetic Research

Nariño’s unique equatorial climate gives Cloris the opportunity to refine genetics that will allow our land and partners to produce four crops per year.


International Standards

Planning to implement internationally certified Bureau Veritas (ISO) health and safety, quality and environmental standards to the Cloris growing (GAP), processing and production operations (GMP).


University Research Partner

Cloris has entered into a framework agreement with the University of Nariño to conduct world-class research and optimization projects on our operations