Ecomun Partnership

ECOMUN is a commercial body established under presidential decree to assist with the reintegration of ex-combatants and conflict damaged communities.


Unique partnership

ECOMUN are Cloris Colombia’s 10% Profit Share partner. The profit is distributed amongst the local community in the form of infrastructure, health and education support for ex-combatants and victims.

ECOMUN have created a special co-operative of local farmers and ex-combatants that allow Cloris exclusive access to farmland in Nariño. ECOMUN’s support with local communities ensures security and safety of Cloris operations. Supporting the United Nations peace initiatives to reduce the production of illegal crops and exploitation of local communities in Colombia.

The ECOMUN and Cloris partnership is unique.

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University of Nariño Agreement

Partnering with a leading agronomic University for Research and Development


A Professor from the University to act as a scientific advisor to the Cloris board

To work with the University to set-up and operate an international standards-based test facility for CBD full spectrum oil and isolate. The University will be our Independent test facility for the required certification allowing export of Cloris product.

Set-up a Genetic Research Programme – by law, a Colombian University PhD holder has to lead the project

UON approved full-time agronomist to lead the agronomy program

Sponsor research projects/PhD into the development of High Yield CBD commercial crop cultivation in Nariño.

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Strategic Alliance

Planned operating area covers 250K Hectares. Making the scalabity and sustainability of Cloris significant.

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